Black Max BM801700 Electric High Power Pressure Washer Review

Black Max BM801700 Electric High Power Pressure Washer Review

If you are looking for a small pressure washer then the Black Max BM801700 electric pressure washer is a great choice. It is a good little unit for those who are looking to tackle relatively simple cleaning tasks around their homes.

This unit provides a quieter option than units that use gas. On the plus side it also requires less maintenance than a gas powered unit.

It is designed primarily for use around the house and will plug into a standard AC outlet. It is powerful enough to get your household and yard cleaning done thanks to its 1700 PSI power.

You will love that this pressure washer is designed very well and looks a lot like a gas unit with its metal made frame that is very sturdy. Because of the sturdy design of the pressure washer you won’t ever have to worry about it toppling over.

Toppling over is one of the problems that is typical of electric pressure washers. A problem you won’t have to worry about with the Black Max BM801700.


The Black Max BM801700 pressure washer is a well-made machine with a sturdy metal frame and an electric engine with a black max branded electric pump. As we look at the pump it is pertinent to mention that it is made from aluminum.

This makes the pump virtually maintenance free and very durable. The pump is also very powerful for your everyday around the house cleaning needs. It has the capacity to pump out 1.2 gallons per minute and power of 1700 pounds per square inch.

The pressure washer features an on board soap tank which can also be removed. The ability to remove the soap tanks makes servicing and cleaning the machine an easy and convenient task.

Since the soap tank can be removed you can clean it thoroughly and prevent the buildup of soap and scum within the tank. The unit also comes with a bonus turbo nozzle which can help when you need additional power for a quick clean up.

The Black Max BM801700 features a long electric cord that is extendable to 35 feet. The cord is GFCI protected so that it is not too much of a hazard when using. The hose is long with the ability to extend up to 25 feet and is a non-marring hose.

With the extendable cord and extendable hose this pressure washer offers a maximum reach of 60 feet so you can get a lot of cleaning done around your home with this pressure washer unit.


  • Great design provides durability
  • Durable design provides stability and mobility
  • Cart like metal frame
  • Large wheels
  • Doesn’t tip over
  • Onboard removable soap tray
  • Long electric cord
  • Long hose
  • Turbo nozzle for quick powerful cleaning
  • Easy to use – single flip of a switch operation


  • At only 1700 PSI it will clean your patio furniture, your car and your deck, tougher jobs it won’t be able to stand up to
  • Not very lightweight, weighing approximately 28lbs


The Black Max BM801700 electric high pressure washer is a great little addition to your home. It is great for cleaning your windows, porches, grills; siding and any other household general cleaning you want to get done.

It is easy to use and revs into motion with the simple flip of a switch. It is just what you need to get rid of mildew and build up on your walkways, exterior walls and more. Not only is it simple to use but it is also very convenient.

It won’t clean tougher messes and build ups though. If you want to get rid of years of buildup on your pavement then you would be better off with a more powerful model.

Comparisons/Possible Alternatives

The Black Max BM80700 is a good choice for general cleaning around the house with its 1700 PSI power. But, if it is that you need a pressure washer that will provide much more power than that there are a number of options that are available.

If you your budget is flexible then you have even more options at hand to choose from. One such option that you could go with is the Homdox 2200 PSI electric pressure washer. This one has more power to get rid of tough build up that has been there for years.

If your budget is limited and you want something a bit more powerful but which comes at around the same price as the BM80700 from Black Max there are options for you as well.

The Force 1800 PSI electric pressure washer offers just a bit more PSI power than this model and is priced within close range so it could still fit into your budget.


The bottom line when it comes to electric pressure washers is simple. If you are looking for an easy to use and convenient unit that is affordable and one that will tackle your regular outdoor cleaning needs then Black Max BM801700 is a good choice.

If you are looking for an electric pressure washer with more power, then you can check out our other pressure washer reviews to find the ideal pressure washer for your needs.

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