Do Electric Pressure Washers Need Oil

Do Electric Pressure Washers Need Oil?

As with other appliances in your household, an electric pressure washer is one which needs regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and usefulness.

Regular maintenance also translates to a higher efficiency output as the performance of your electric washer will not be hindered by dirt and the residue. Having a well-maintained pressure washer means a happy washer and a happy user.

There are many common maintenance activities which can be done across a number of appliances and tools. Basic cleaning routines like dust removal can be done with almost all appliances.

Ensuring that storage places are clean and tidy are also important to prevent bugs and critters from getting inside and eating the parts of your appliances and tools.

Then again, there are also some cleaning activities which are not suited to all. Some appliances and machines need to be washed with water and soap after every use. Others would require a water-only wash.

In addition to these, there are also others who do not need water at all as mere wiping and dusting would suffice. There are many possible reasons for these restrictions. Some appliance and machines are durable enough and get that amount of dirt after use to require heavy washing with soap and water.

On the other hand, it can be possible that adding water and soap could lead to reactions that could deteriorate the interior workings of your other appliances or machines.

Electric Pressure Washers – To Oil or not to Oil?

The same story can be said with regard to oiling. A number of appliances, machines, and even hand tools in your household would require a regular application of oil in order to guarantee a smooth performance of their inner workings and mechanisms.

These include electric fans, electric drills, and others which require smooth working gears and pinions to function properly.

As with the earlier example using soap and water, others would not be too excited at the prospect of having oil applied to their parts and inner workings.

A generous application of oil on these materials could cause the adverse reaction with other parts and components. This will eventually need to degradation and a need for a replacement.

When it comes to pressure washers, it is undoubtedly clear that gas-powered ones may need oiling every so often. These heavy duty washers may have parts that will require an application of oil as part of its regular maintenance routines. This will ensure that the mechanism behind it is fully operational when you need to use it.

The electric pressure washer, on the other hand, does not require such a routine except on the motor pump itself. This is because all the other parts of an electric pressure washer are usually made of light materials like plastic.

Oil definitely has no business with plastic aside from the bad ones. You are generally well off with doing regular maintenance activities from the manual and leave the oiling to the motor of the pump, and only as often as needed.

Maintenance without Oil

Since we have answered in the negative the question, do electric pressure washers need oil; other maintenance activities to keep your washer healthy should also be looked at in this absence. Some of these would generally include:

  • Keeping your machine dry after use

This is necessary as water and moisture can lead to deterioration of the light materials that comprise your electric pressure washer. Keeping it dry during storage is one way to increase its useful life.

  • Draining thoroughly all residue from the water pump

Soap residue can cause blockage and inefficient performance when left inside. It is better to have unobstructed pathways inside your pressure washer.

  • Storing it in a cool and dry place

Avoiding hot storage places is necessary as high temperatures can possible melt the plastic components of the pressure washer. Wet ones, on the other hand, can contribute to deterioration.

  • Regular checking of electronics and wiring

As electric pressure washers need electricity to run, it is important to have regular checkups on the wiring system of your washer to avoid any untoward accidents when in use. Open wires and water is not a nice combination which will always deliver nasty results.

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