Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

Ever wondered what most buyers look for in an electric pressure washer? Or why they choose certain models over others? The answer is simple: Quality and requirements. But still, making choice is not that easy. Especially so if electric pressure washers are the product in question.

The trouble lies in the fact that the market is flooded with hundreds of different electric pressure models being touted as the most effective in cleaning the dirtiest patio or the grimiest fence. Manufacturers know that buyers easily fall for that kind of advertising, and continue to brand their products as ideal.

But is it possible to have an electric pressure washer that is perfect? Probably not. So how can one make the best choice with all those models on the market? The smartest (and easiest) solution to any such dilemma is to compare the best product models side by side.

It’s less tiresome than browsing the web for user reviews and way smarter than buying on the spot. All you have to do is compare the models possessing some of the features you like while considering your cleaning requirements.

We know how hard that can be, so we decided to compare some of the best electric pressure models for you, as shown below.

Comparison – Which electric pressure washer model is better than the other?

Let us compare the features of some of the best models available on market:

The factors to consider during comparison include burst pressure, mass flow rate, the price, the number of nozzles, extra features and power requirements.

Considering price, the Greenworks washer is the most affordable of them all, being at the lower end of the spectrum while the AR Blue ranks as the most expensive.

Still, all models are priced under $200. All five models come with some major features including long enough electric cords and soap dispensers. The Ivation washer possesses the highest burst pressure rating of 2200 PSI and the highest mass flow rate of 1.8 GPM compared to the rest.

The Sun Joe and AR Blue are of 2000 and 1800 PSI respectively while the Greenworks has a slightly lower PSI of 1500. The higher PSI models have 5 nozzles whereas the lower PSI models have only 2 nozzles.

However, Lower PSI and a lesser number of nozzles is not a drawback at all. The type of model you should buy entirely depends on your work need.

The AR Blue washer ranks as the heaviest at 42 pounds, followed closely by the Sun Joe washer. Unlike the Ivation and the Sun Joe washers, each of the other models comes with a varying number of nozzle tips for different spray degrees between the 25° – 45° range.

The power requirement for all the models is 14 or 14.5 Amp except the Greenworks which has a requirement of 13 Amp.

The Ivation, the AR Blue and the Force washers also come with the Total Stop System fitted, complete with inbuilt GFCI unlike the Sun Joe and the Greenworks.

Closer competition comes with the additional features, where the Force’s thermal sensor fitting compares with the Ivation and the AR Blue’s surface suction ability.

Verdict – Best Electric Pressure Washer

Basing on the features and qualities compared above, it’s quite easy to pick the best electric pressure washer for the average homeowner’s needs.

The ideal electric pressure washer should have a high burst pressure, the high mass flow rate to meet most tasks, a movable weight and the right number of nozzle degree tips to facilitate different pressures for different jobs.

Each of the pressure washers above are perfect for their jobs. The choice ultimately lies with the buyer though, depending on their requirements.

The Greenworks washer is best if you are on a really tight budget but require a simple electric pressure washer to meet cleaning requirements that are relatively small.

The Force washer easily meets the everyday cleaning requirements of most homeowners with its features, and is a good buy for those in need of an affordable and sizeable pressure washer with extra features.

If you are willing to spend a little more for more features and a sturdier build, the AR Blue is the way to go. The Sun Joe is the washer that will give you more worth for your money at first use.

We recommend the Ivation washer for its good performance in most categories, which renders it fit for all kind of requirements.

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