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Why do you need an Electric Pressure Washer in your life? Well if you’re a homeowner, you probably know how quickly and effortlessly mildews, gunk and mold's can sprout up on your deck, patios etc. You also know how hard and disgusting they are to clean away, especially if you tend to do it manually. A good quality Electric Pressure Washer can clean all of these with ease.

Electric pressure washers are known by homeowners and car owners alike for their cleaning abilities, supported by pressurized water and soap dispenser fittings that help them clean away years’ worth of grime and gunk in no time.

Apart from the fact that their pressurized water easily uproots mildews, mold's and anything else from your walls and floors, they are designed to clean just about anything, including the car, the fence, the driveway etc.

That most electric pressure washer models are lightweight and fitted with soap dispensers is also a plus for most homeowners, since that makes cleaning easier. The trouble for most people, however, lies in choosing the best electric pressure washer for their homes.

With lots of models on sale today, one is left to wonder which pressure washer cleans up as well as its touted. We've looked at 10 of the best electric pressure washers on the market today, and here’s our review.

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Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer

What Makes Karcher So Special?

Alfred Karcher was an inventor and entrepreneur who worked alongside other engineers and inventors (Robert Bosch) who played an integral part towards the development and creation of pressure washers as you know them today.

In 1950 Alfred Karcher made a breakthrough into cleaning technology when he developed and built the DS 350 steam blaster; which is accredited to be the first industrial or commercial pressure washer made.

Since then Karcher has produced hundreds of ingenious products and now manufactures and distributes it's products accross the globe. Said to be one of the worlds leading brands in cleaning technology the Karcher range spans from the Karcher Window Vacuum to hybrid pressure washers to the quietest pressure washers ever invented and more. With hundreds of products to choose from the Karcher name is one that should be known among homes and businesses worldwide.... And if you haven't heard of them..... We'll make darn sure you know who they are by the time you've read this article.

Why Invest In A Quality Pressure Washer? 

Since 1950 the technology behind pressure washers has far evolved into something special and unique. With customer need and functionality at the forefront of their design process Karcher has strived to achieve perfection delivering balanced machines that offer a huge range of functions for both business or domestic purposes. So whether you're looking for an everyday cleaner to wash the car or something with a little extra industrial competency the Karcher pressure washers are guaranteed to deliver high performance cleaning at the touch of your fingertips!

In this weeks blog we decided to review and test the Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer and to say the least we were blown away with it's design and functionality. Let's take a look at what we found.

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer - Durability

You're probably tired of hearing me bang on about "durability" and about how much it matters when deciding to purchase anything from a powertool to a pressure washer. This is one of my favourite tests and in my opinion one of the most important factors to consider before buying ANYTHING.

You're asking yourself WHY? .... Well consider this: Would you buy a £300 machine with 100 features thats going to last a week? Or would you buy a £300 machine with 5 features that will last a lifetime? It's not a gamble and even if it were any smart gambler will tell you that the odds better favour the machine that lasts a lifetime when it comes down to return of investment. 

That been said we decided to put the machine through it's paces. 

Test 1: Over the years we've found that alot of brands make claims such as "indestrucatable body" or "heavy duty wheels" that quite frankly don't last the length of the garden. So after dragging the karcher K4 Full Control Premium Home pressure washer numerous times over varying terrains of loose stone, grass, gravel, broken concrete, wood and soil the hard wearing wheels have actually stood up to the test. 

Test 2: Bump, Drop & Transport: If you've ever operated a pressure washer before or transported one, I'm sure you'll agree that there is a great likely hood of it dropping or tipping. Well not with the Karcher K4. They've incorporated a smart front foot that minimises the risk of it tipping during use. In addition to this we thought we'd throw the machine into the back of the van and take it for a drive with loose tools and other various moving components and again it proved to be hard wearing and stable. 

On a whole we were more than pleased with the way the K4 dealt with our tests. It boasts a strong and hard wearing external shell and has stabilizing accessories to ensure accidental damage or general usage doesn't wear it down or damage at an unatural rate giving you years of service. 

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Home - Features

Innovative Hose Reel 

This fantastic hose reel really makes tidying up easy work. As simple as it sounds the Karcher K4 features an intuitive hose reel which collects and stores the hose without any kinks. It's easy to use simply pull the hose out when in use or wind it back when tidying up. In addition to this the machines design has an integrated "feeding hole" on the side where you can actually feed the hose from the back located hose reel to the front of the machine. In doing this it prevents two things from happening; firstly it reduces the risk of kinks developing when in use and secondly it keeps the hose closely tied to the machine thus reducing the chance of accidents and increasing your overall reach.

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer2

Telescopic Handle

The pull out telescopic handle makes transporting the karcher K4 Premium Full Control Home pressure washer a whole lot easier. It eliminates the need to lift it and allows you to simply roll the washer wherever you need to via the heavy duty castor wheels. It's also completely retractable for a compact storage solution.

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer3

Full Control Lance & Vario Spray

The Karcher variable lance is definitely one of the most powerful and innovative pressure washer lances we've come across. It offers 3 pressure levels to suit various cleaning applications which includes a detergent setting. The vario spray gun features a unique LED display indicating what mode is set. You can alternate between pressure settings by twisting the vario control lance. Talk about an all in one design!

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer4

Straight Insert Detergent

If you purchase the Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Home pressure washer then you'll be lucky enough to receive 1 litre of stone cleaner. Incase your looking at it wondering what it does it's a straight load detergent. What I mean by this is the bottle is especially designed so it inserts straight into the pressure washer where a shaped column fits the detergent bottles shape. It means you now can quickly and easily apply detergents through the pressure washer in detergent mode without the worry of having to adjust volume or concentration.

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer5

T350 Patio Cleaner

Not so much a feature but an accessory that is included with the K4 Premium model the T350 patio cleaner features the same lance fitting as the vario spray lance so all you have to do is simply swap the lance for the patio cleaner. It delivers a high water pressure and uses tough cleaning bristles to help remove algae, mosses, dirt and more. It's the ideal tool when cleaning paved areas. 

Karcher K4 Premium F6ll Control Pressure Washer5

Stabilised Front Foot

We mentioned this earlier in the durability test. It includes a stabilised front foot that increases the pressure washers overall stability. This minimises the chances of it falling and taking damage during use and alternively can act as a secondary carrying handle, allowing users to carry with top and bottom located handles. Smart and multi-functional!

Powerful 1800 Watt Motor

Not only is the K4 Premium Full Control power washer packed full of features and accessories. It also has a high performance 1800 watt motor that is capable of delivering 420 litres of water per hour thanks to its 130 bars of pressure; ensuring it removes the toughest dirt. 

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