How to Use the Electric Pressure Washer

How to Use the Electric Pressure Washer?

Busting out your own electric pressure washer for cleaning is a regular activity that is done every so often. Whether you are washing a pet’s kennel, a dirty appliance, or your car, cleaning activities like these are sure to keep your pressure washer active for a couple of times every month.

With this frequency, proper use of the equipment cannot be overemphasized. People who will handle this power tool must know properly how to use the electric pressure watch.

This should be so for a number of reasons: proper handling leads to higher efficiency in its use, accidents are avoided, and the chance of getting your washer or any of its parts broken gets low.

Proper use and maintenance of this power tool can drastically increase its lifespan. This could also reduce chances of causing damage and injury to other property and persons, especially those who are just around your vicinity.

Knowing how to use your electric pressure washer definitely has a number of benefits and it should not be taken lightly as this may cause unnecessary large consequences and problems.

Check out these basic guidelines to use the pressure washers properly.

Put on appropriate safety gear

This can never be stressed enough. It is important that you put on protective gear to avoid accidents and injuries. At the very least, boots or slippers with rubberized soles are a must to avoid slipping on wet and slippery surfaces, and to keep your body grounded.

Confirm if your pressure washer is plugged in

Oftentimes, people call in for troubleshooting only for them to find out that their only trouble is that their washer is not properly plugged in. Make sure also that your outlet is grounded to prevent accidental electrocution.

Connect garden hose and turn on the tap

Connecting the garden hose must be done while the tap is turned off to avoid damage to the pump and wasting water. Water flow must be constant throughout the whole time the pressure washer is in use so also check your hose for leaks and tears.

Prepare your soap solution

Make sure that your soap solution is properly mixed for it to flow easily inside the pump. This also helps avoid clogging and building up of soap residue inside your electric pressure washer.

Snap your spray tip on

Spray tips come in different shapes and sizes and you have to pick one that suits your pressure and cleaning needs. You have to be careful in choosing your spray tip as using the wrong one may cause damage to your pressure washer or to your property. Some tips, however, can be adjusted on the fly!

Distance and movement

When using the washer, make sure that your hose is around two feet away from the surface. Side to side movement of the hose is also advised for even cleaning. Also take note of how strong the pressure is and adjust if necessary.

Clean properly

After use, don’t forget to empty your washer of all liquid and to clean it properly. Some washers would require specific cleaning methods that can be found in the instruction manual. After everything is clean and dry, store your electric pressure washer in a safe place.

Additional tips and tricks

Also be advised to be careful around wires and sockets. Unlike gas pressure washers, electric pressure washers require running electricity for them to work.

Under unsupervised and uncontrolled circumstances, electricity can be quite deadly, especially when there’s a lot of water involved – as in the cases with electric pressure washers. That’s why grounded sockets and footgear with rubberized soles are must as these restrict the flow of electricity.

Proper drying of your electric pressure washer is also a must. Leave it to dry first before you stow it away because wet parts when kept in storage areas, may contribute to the earlier deterioration of your electric power washer.

These are only some of the general guidelines on how to use your electric pressure washer. Certain models may require specific instructions so be sure to check your instruction manual for any.

Maintenance and proper use of your pressure washer equates a longer useful life, and consequently, less spending in parts, repairs, and replacements.

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