The Ultimate Electric Pressure Washer Buying Guide

The Ultimate Electric Pressure Washer Buying Guide

There are hundreds of pressure washer models on the market today, promising super functionality, efficient design and lots of handy features. Some are even touted as being able to save up to 50% of water during use.

Electric pressure washers in particular seem to soar higher in popularity among users every day, thanks to their convenient features and lesser limitations as compared to their gas powered counterparts.

If you’ve been looking to purchase an electric pressure washer for your home, you’ve probably browsed through hundreds of models and read thousands of reviews on each.

User reviews can be misleading, and it’s most likely that they’ve drowned you, leaving you confused and uncertain of which model to choose. We understand that situation, and have created an electric pressure buying guide to make your purchasing easier.

We looked at the best electric pressure washers on the market today and analysed their design, functionality and usability qualities before coming up with a complete review.

How to choose the best electric pressure washer

To avoid making the worst choice ever, there are a few factors you must look for in a washer before buying it. We also based on these factors to create this guide and choose the best washer model. A good model should have;

  • Pressure rating of 1800 PSI and above for more speed and strength to facilitate quicker jobs and excellent cleaning.
  • 2 or more nozzle degree tips to allow for switching of water flow rates with changes in jobs
  • Mass flow rate of water of 1.6 GPM and above for proper usage without waste
  • Metal connectors, preferably brass or copper to guarantee no leakages during use
  • Long spray hose and electric cord to minimize movement during work

Some of the best electric pressure washers available on the market

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer


  • Burst pressure of 2030 PSI
  • Dual detergent tank system
  • 5 quick connect spray nozzle
  • 5 Amp motor
  • Maximum flow rate of 1.76 GPM


  • Easy to assemble
  • Works quietly throughout
  • Comes with leakage proof brass connector fittings on the nozzles
  • Have wheels for easy movement.


  • Works with only specific pressure washer soap.
  • Comes with poor quality plastic connectors that break easily
  • The high pressure is high enough to cause damage
  • The motor may not maintain the 1.76 flow rate for long.

The Force 1800 Electric Pressure Washer


  • Burst pressure of 1600-1800 PSI
  • Water flow rate of 1.6 (GPM)
  • Quick connect hose that is 20 ft. long
  • Thermal sensor to protect from overheating
  • Adjustable nozzle with 3 different tips
  • Spinning turbo nozzle
  • Adjustable soap dispenser


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight to carry
  • The washer’s fitted thermal sensor prevents overheating during use
  • Electric cord is long enough to facilitate cleaning of faraway areas
  • Easy to store due to compact design
  • Its hose is flexible throughout use
  • Comes with room on its exterior for storing electrical cord and other tools
  • Doesn’t topple over during movement or use, thanks to its wide flat base


  • The washer makes some noise as you work
  • It’s construction is not very sturdy

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer


  • Burst pressure of 2200 PSI
  • 5 Amp with 1600 watt motor
  • Water flow rate of 1.8 GPM
  • 5 quick connect nozzle tips
  • Built in soap/detergent dispenser
  • Bonus turbo spray wand
  • Self-suction ability using standing water
  • Total stop system (TSS) for more safety


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy start and to restart after a break
  • Its wide flat base prevents toppling over during movement or use
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Has copper connectors that prevent leakages
  • The electric cord is long enough for use over a wider area.
  • Works quietly throughout


  • Has no option for turning soap dispenser on or off or controlling it
  • Requires longer time for assembling
  • High pressure can cause damage.


While all three models meet the basic requirements of an electric pressure washer, they still outshine each other when it comes to particular qualities.

Considering burst pressure, the Ivation washer’s 2200 PSI ranks it higher than both the Force’s 1800 PSI and the Sun Joe’s 2030 PSI. The Force stands as the most affordable among them all; nevertheless, all three models are sold for under $200, making them affordable.

The Ivation’s mass flow rate of 1.8 GPM is the higher than the Force’s 1.6 and the Sun Joe’s 1.76, while the latter stands as the heaviest of them all at 31 pounds.

The Force is lightest to carry, which resonates well with its additional features such as storage space for cords and wands on its exterior which the others don’t have. The Ivation washer comes complete with the surface suction ability, which none of the others possess.

Verdict – The Best Electric Pressure selection made easy

All factors and qualities considered, each of the washer models above is fit for the average homeowner’s cleaning requirements.

If you are looking for an electric pressure washer that is affordable, medium sized and fitted with lots of handy features, the Force is the electric pressure washer for you. What it lacks in pressure and build it pays up in overall performance.

The Sun Joe washer’s high pressure, flow rates and medium size render it ideal for anyone looking for a simple pressure washer with the best features at an affordable price. For overall ease and success in your cleaning projects, the Ivation washer is the one we recommend.

Its high pressure rating should brush any surface clean while its 5 nozzles should enable you take on a variety of projects with a simple switch of the degree tips.

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